Riedenschild Original DarkSea Multi Mechanical Watch

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C. Bradley Jacobs – November 2007

Riedenschild Original has once again delivered a tremendous product aimed at the market for gadget-loving aficionados of bold, modern mechanical watches. DarkSeaMulti automatic (ref. 1113)The DarkSeaMulti automatic (ref. 1113) is a tour de force, with a massive steel case and bracelet, textured black dial, luminous hands, rotating inner dive bezel and canteen-style locking crown cap. As with every watch from Riedenschild Original, the styling is distinctive, but this watch incorporates many quality elements and signature touches that set it apart from other watches in its price class.

The Multi is so called because it is an elaboration on the theme established by Riedenschild's ground-breaking DarkSea Diver, a time-and-date automatic dive watch with dual canteen crown protectors. The Multi offers additional features such as day display, pushers for keeping track of the month & year, and a 24-hour indicator. Photo by the authorThe 20-jewel automatic movement includes a hacking feature and is nicely, though not elaborately, decorated with Geneva waves and the company name engraved upon the rotor.

The stainless steel case, a generous 45 mm wide (53 mm crown-to-crown-lock) and 20mm thick, is fitted with sapphire crystals to protect the front from scratches and to safely expose the movement to view. The substantial steel bracelet and a set of hefty rubber straps attach via hex screws threaded through the lugs. More than half of the bracelet links are removable, making size adjustment very precise. The straps are quite sturdy and are embossed with brand and model logos near their attachment points.

Loads of accessories accompany the watchA limited edition piece, the DarkSeaMulti is water-resistant to 10 atmospheres and, like all models from Riedenschild, is assembled in Germany according to rigorous DIN quality standards. MSRP is $475, available in North America through the brand's network of on-line retailers and a rapidly growing number of US-based stores (for info visit www.Riedenschild.com).

The DarkSeaMulti is quite a gadget for the price and will suit the desk diver seeking something distinctive--especially with the scuba tank packaging and accessories such as a handy hex key to facilitate swapping the bracelet for the straps provided. In addition to their impressive two-year guarantee, Riedenschild Original's little touches--signed strap buckle, solid bracelet links all around, polished case screws, logo crowns--help complete a thorough package for the price. This brand has really targeted a specific market, and they appear to be delivering well above expectations.



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