Favre-Leuba Sea Raider 36000 - Ref. 36003

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Brand: Favre-Leuba
 Sea Raider 36000 
Ref.: 36003 A
Issued: Ca. 1972
Case: Stainless steel with special snap-together construction
Crystal: Model-specific acrylic
Bracelet: Stepped NSA 3-row with F-L logo on flat clasp
Movement: FL 1164, 21 jewels, gilt, with Triovis regulator

Description: This is an all-original F-L Sea Raider wristwatch with hi-beat movement running at 36,000 vibrations per hour (ticking at 1/10th second).

The present example has a steel case with signed back (marked with reference number). The original bracelet by Novavit S.A. steps down in width from 22mm to 18mm and has a signed clasp (F-L hourglass logo). The case of this model shows crisp edges, indicating is has never been polished and, though there are some scuffs and obvious signs of use, is very well preserved for a nearly 50-year old timepiece. Favre-Leuba’s Sea Raider series uses case construction very similar to that of the Rado Manhattan and, indeed, this example is very similar in style to the second series of Manhattan (known as Manhattan V). For more information on how these remarkable cases snap together and use an integrated moulded crystal and rectangular gaskets to preserve water-tightness, please see my article on vintage Rado automatics. As this watch is running very well, and the integrity of the o-rings and other structural components appears to be fully intact, I have chosen not to open this watch for inspection and photography.

Based on info from Favre-Leuba, the movement in this watch is presumed to be an FL1164 (more information via this link), which is the day-date version of the 1162 found in the date-only Favre-Leuba Chronometer 36000. This family of movements was reportedly created via a joint venture between Doxa, Eberhard, Favre-Leuba, Girard-Perregaux, and Zodiac, and based on the A. Schild caliber 1687. Fine regulation of the FL1164 is via the Triovis method.

Dimensions of the watch case are as follows:
Width (without crown): 37.5 mm
Length: 37 mm
Height (including crystal): 11.5 mm
Lug width: 23.5 mm (bracelet end piece fills this; first link in bracelet is 22 mm)
Case diagonal: 50 mm
Dial width: 30 mm
Dial length: 21 mm
Dial diagonal: 36 mm

Pictured below is an original Favre-Leuba Sea Raider box, which is not present with this watch. Made by Cartolux S.A., this is a roughly square multi-piece sliding box that has lots of FL imagery and exhibits strong similarities to the longer, narrower box seen with another FL from this period, the ca. 1970 Chronometer 36000.

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