Check out the new Chronometer pages on the site, devoted to the 18k Rado 56-H, the steel Chronometer Ref. 11821, and some other accurate vintage timekeepers from Marvin and Favre-Leuba. Click the images below, or look under Rado or Watch Collecting, and let me know what you think!

56 H 18k sq FL 36000 11821 square sm Marvin Chronometer Victory 18k Rado 56-H 

A lot of research has resulted in a plausible theory of why some vintage Rado watches have an E appended to the name or 5-digit reference number (pre-1973). The E is thought to signify that the watch, whose earliest examples were powered by an AS movement, is a newer one powered by ETA (e.g., Diastar 1 and 1/E). Read more about this in the Rado Forum at equationoftime.com.

I'm sorry to report that image hosting has been disrupted on WatchCarefully.com...


Many of the photos I've shared here were hosted by Fototime.com, who unceremoniously ceased operations earlier this year, without providing back-ups. I am faced with the prospect of digging hundreds of photos out of archives on various computers and hard media, then with uploading them to this site and using them to replace broken image links in dozens of articles.

Until such time as all missing images are restored, I'll be endeavoring to provide new photos and will appreciate your patience. Please feel free to contact me if specific articles or images are required for your research, and I'll try to prioritize those details. Thanks! 






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