Brand: RadoStarliner Ref. 11757 (at right)

Model: Starliner

Ref.: 11757

Issued Ca. 1968

Case: Stainless steel with bayonet back

Crystal: Acrylic with Rado logo at center

Bracelet: Later NSA with Rado clasp

Movement: A Schild 1789, 30 jewels, gilt rotor

Description: This is one of the second series of Starliner models issued by Rado in the 1960s. This example has the more fashionable 38 mm case and the only a date display; later models had day and date; some examples of the Starliner had cases of 35 mm diameter. The distinctive silver/black dial paint is original, as are the desirable cylindrical markers with beveled tops in white. The dial is fairly well preserved, showing only moderate aging. The anchor logo rotates properly, and the correct silver/white hands are present. A correct style of bracelet by Novavit S.A. (NSA) is present on this example, though it is not original to this watch.

The case front shows little wear and the back has some minor marks. The movement, stamped A.S. 1789 is keeping accurate time; the date changes at midnight.

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Starliner Daymaster Ref. 11757Starliner Daymaster Ref. 11757Starliner Ref. 11757 case backStarliner movement AS 1789Starliner movement AS 1789

This watch has been sold.

Note: More specific information pertaining to the manufacture/issue date of this watch is welcome.

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