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Brand: Rado

Model: Marstron (version B, grey dial)

Ref. unknown

Issued ca. 1970

Case: Stainless steel with screw-back

Bracelet: Stainless steel, reference unknown

Movement: ESA 9154 Dynotron - 13-jewel battery-powered electro-mechanical with balance wheel. Battery bridge signed "Rado"

Description: This ca. 1970 model is one of several models Rado made that suggest a fascination with the "Space Race" which culminated in the 1969 Apollo 11 moon landing. Apparently, Rado's designers subsequently set their sights beyond the moon and named this futuristic watch "Marstron"--a reference both to the idea of space travel and to the forward thinking which was producing reliable electronic and electro-mechanical wrist watch movements at the time. This example features the uncommon grey dial (as opposed to the usual silver dial) with silver metallic globe-with-orbitals logo and printing. Photos of the grey dial often appear very washed out, suggesting that the printing is fanit silver on a silver dial, but this is merely an optical illusion. The watch is very monochromatic, often making it diffcult to read in various lighting conditions.

Present on this series is the rotating anchor logo previously seen only on watches with automatic winding. Hands are of varied widths of rectangles, with luminous filling, and the hours are indicated by wide hash marks--yellow lines denote the quarter-hour markers except at 6:00 where the date window is located. Seconds hand is not red-tipped. Case has off-set setting crown (signed), inset case back medallion typical of models seen in Japanese market (signed ALL STAINLESS STEEL on the outside and RADO WATCH with anchor logo inside), and faceted crystal of sapphire or hard mineral. A less common example of this watch was also made; it features pointed hands and smaller, monochromatic hour markers.

The case shows minimal wear, is very presentable and is keeping accurate time. Service history is unknown, but the movement is clean; date functions properly at midnight.

The original bracelet is present on this watch.

Photos: Click for larger images

Rado Marstron with grey dial - crisp angleRado Marstron with grey dial - faded viewRado Marstron dial detailRado Marstron with grey dial - profile

Rado Marstron with grey dialRado Marstron - Dynotron movement and case backRado Marstron pair - one silver and one grey

Apparently, this model originally sold for 49,800 Yen, as indicated in this photo of a similar watch.

This watch has been sold.

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