Brand: Rado
Model: Murano
Ref.: 11974
Issued: 1972
Case: Stainless steel with bezel of red Murano glass
Bracelet: S-K, stainless steel
Movement:  ETA 2789, 17j, gilt


This is an uncommon Rado Murano with steel case and bezel insert made of glass from Murano, Italy. Via e-mail, Rado in Lengnau, Switzerland indicated that 10,000 Murano watches--red, green and blue glass versions--were produced beginning in 1972, though few seem to survive intact today. A second reference number (11976) was assigned to a version with gold-plated bezel. This distinctive model appears to be part of a large series of watches produced by Rado which are named for famous places whose names begin with the letter M (see also Manhattan, Mannheim, Miami, Manchester, etc.); it is also an excellent example of Rado's penchant for using non-traditional case materials.

Production from 1972 – 1979
Number of pieces: approx. 10,000
11974 (625.3050.4 after 1972): blue / red / green with white bezel (stainless steel); CHF 350.
11976 (625.3051.4 after 1972): blue / red / green with yellow bezel (gold-plated); CHF 455.

Another reference number has been seen—625.3048.4 with blue glass insert—but not confirmed. More information on this is available in the Rado Discussion Forum at

Also, a Murano case with a dial marked Rado Laser Beam (a name used by Tressa during this period) has been seen but not authenticated.

Dimensions are as follow:
Case width--
without crown 36.2mm
with crown 39.2mm
Case length--38.2mm

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A pair of Japanese adverts (the first somewhat amusingly in black-and-white, the second from 1973):

Photo courtesy Rado Watch Company
1973 Murano 

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